Congratulations San Bruno and Burlingame 9-1-1 Dispatchers.

Article submitted by San Bruno Police Department

San Bruno Police Department Distinguished Service Medal:  "Awarded to any Police Department employee who distinguishes him/herself in the performance of such duties under unusual, complicated, or hazardous conditions where the employee used excellent judgment in accomplishing an assigned mission.  This may also be awarded to any employee whose actions and training directly result in saving or preventing the loss of human life."

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, Dispatcher Erin Beckett received reports of an active shooter at the YouTube Campus located at 901 Cherry Avenue in the City of San Bruno. Soon after the first few calls came into the Communications Center, Dispatcher Beckett was assisted by Communications and Records Supervisor Shannon Rohatch who also began fielding calls.  At 12:46 PM, the first of over one-hundred 911 calls came into the San Bruno Police Department Dispatch Center.

In the most extreme of circumstances Supervisor Rohatch and Dispatcher Beckett maintained an incredible calm demeanor and continually reassured frightened callers.  They provided information rapidly and concisely to the responding officers.  Dispatcher Beckett and Supervisor Rohatch handled over one-hundred emergency calls within the first hour of this event.  This does not include the dozens of other calls that came into the police department on the non-emergency phone lines.  For each call, pertinent information was dutifully recorded into the CAD by by both.  As additional law enforcement agencies arrived Supervisor Rohatch and Dispatcher Beckett monitored all officer movements and provided crucial information to those on scene.

Supervisor Rohatch and Dispatcher Beckett's actions during this incident clearly meet the criteria established for the issuance of the San Bruno Police Department Distinguished Service Medal and they are therefore both awarded these medals with the sincere gratitude and appreciation of the San Bruno Police Department. 

Burlingame Police Department Police Services Manager Christine Granucci and Dispatchers Melissa Hunkin and Tara Filiere were also honored for their support during this tragic event. The San Bruno Police Department enjoys a unique and virtual dispatch relationship with the Burlingame Police Department allowing them the ability to share resources and interoperability.  On April 3rd, Burlingame Dispatchers Hunkin, Filiere and Granucci, took notice of the staggering amount of 911 calls pouring into the San Bruno Communications Center.  They immediately started answering dozens of these calls and dutifully entered the information into CAD, thus enabling San Bruno Dispatchers to continue relaying crucial information to the officers responding or already on scene.  Combined they answered over two hundred emergency calls within the first 30 minutes of the event. 

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